How does Mr Brain work?

What will you get?

Mr Brain will send you an e-mail with the solution to your problem in pdf to download. Remember that in the document you won’t only find the final solution, but also the steps taken to reach it. So, with each challenge you send, you will learn to solve it on your own.

You can have a look at our selection of real examples for each type of challenge.

Examples of Junior Challenges

Up to 14/15 yrs old
– 9th grade.

Examples of Senior Challenges

Up to 17/18 yrs old
– 12th grade.

Examples of Plus Challenges

A 2000 word paper? Send it,
and we will tell you
the number of credits.

How much Mr Brain costs?

The cheapest is 0,80€ (50 credits pack) and the most expensive 0,99€ (single credits). Remember that you can buy credits from the web and use them on the app. And vice versa too!




0,99 €
per credit

0,99 €
final cost



0,90 €
per credit

8,99 €
final cost



0,84 €
per credit

20,99 €
final cost



0,80 €
per credit

39,99 €
final cost

For example…
How many credits cost for… ?

Math problems
9º grade: Junior challenge
3 credits
Chemistry problems
12º grade: Senior challenge
4 credits
An English essay
7º grade: Junior challenge
1 credit
A Physics paper
Plus challenge
8 credits

How to pay

You can make payments via PayPal payment gateway. It’s easy and safe.

How can I send my first exercise and where do I buy my credits?

Only registered users can send challenges and buy credits. To register is free and it takes just two minutes. Sign up.

How do I know it is worthwhile paying?

In the section Examples we have put real examples of challenges solved by Mr Brain, so that you can see for yourself that it’s worthwile to pay for this service.

How long does it take to receive my homework solved?

It takes a few hours since you send your challenge until you receive it solved. In addition, Mr Brain assures you that you will get your Junior or Senior challenge done in less than 48 hours.

How do I know that Mr Brain doesn’t keep my bank details?

All payments are done through safe payment gateways that are external to Mr Brain. At no time Mr Brain has access to your bank details.

Where do I buy my credits?

You need credits to send and receive your challenges solved. You can buy them on the website and use them on the app. And vice versa too!

If I am not satisfied, will my money be refunded?

If the challenge is not well resolved, Mr Brain offers the possibility to resolve it correctly or to refund the credits.